USDA loans Quest Commercial Capital

USDA loans Quest Commercial Capital properties or industries in low density rural areas qualify for high loan to value and low interest rate USDA loans

USDA loans Quest Commercial Capital
USDA loans Quest Commercial Capital

USDA Loans Quest Commercial Capital

USDA Loans Quest Commercial Capital. B & I Loans are still viable and are still funding.

USDA Loans Quest Commercial Capital B & I loans (United States Department of Agriculture, Business and Industry) were set up in an effort to improve rural communities, by providing capital to assist business in the creation of and saving jobs.

The benefits with the USDA Business and Industry program are many. Higher leverage (now up to 90%), and relative flexible underwriting standards top the list. Loan amounts range from $500,000 to $10,000,000. B & I loans are normally amortized over 30 years, which can have a dramatic increase in cash-flow compared to a more typical 20 year schedule. Also the B and I loans never have balloon clauses and can be less expensive than compareable SBA

Use of Proceeds:

  • B&I Loans may involve acquisitions, construction, conversion, repair, modernization or debt refinance.
  • Loan proceeds can be used for real estate acquisition and/or improvements, machinery, equipment, furniture, fixtures and working capital. Closing costs and guarantee fees are also eligible. Meaning you can roll the closing costs into the loan amount.


  • All B&I loans are fully amortized with no balloons or call dates.
  • Repayment terms are up to 30 years for real estate and improvements, up to 15 years (or useful life) for machinery, equipment, furniture and fixtures and up to 7 years for working capital.
  • Rates are based on a spread over the Prime Rate. Rates vary depending on the specific strengths of the transaction.

Like all commercial real estate loans, the key is knowing which banks are really funding loans and which to not waste your time with. We have the established relationships and contacts with the best and most viable B and I lenders in the nation! 


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