LED lighting conversion finance for large buildings

LED lighting conversion finance for large buildings. Quest Commercial Capital. Only 35% of large buildings in the US are fully converted to LED lighting. Old incandescent or Compact florescent lighting are expensive to run and required high cost maintenance.

LED lighting conversion finance is the solution to power hungry lighting providing lower power and maintenance lighting that pays for itself. 100% financing with Federal and state incentives make LED lighting the easy and inexpensive alternative while helping the environment. In most cases our LED lighting finance programs are cash flow positive with no money down. Why wait? contact us now, we offer a risk free assessment to demonstrate why you should convert to energy efficient LED lighting.   

We have 100% finance for projects with the best rates, easy application process, make sense underwriting, and quick closing.
WE DO IT ALL FROM START TO FINISH all you need to do is contact us.
We provide a complete power audit on the building power consumption with an accurate account of savings once green initiatives have been applied. ( up to 65% savings )
Maintenance & Operation costs greatly reduced
Tailor made financing for equipment with low rates that creates neutral cash flow impact ( equipment pays for itself in 3 to 5 years )
Immediate State and Federal government rebates ( we organize the rebate for you )

Electrical service providers who support us offer

Fast installation turn around
Latest technology on all equipment installed
Reduce costs on heating and cooling.                                                                                                                                                   10 year guarantee on equipment installed
Hidden health benefits.
We can arrange a discussion with our green energy service providers located in your area at your convenience.
Environmentally beneficial, be proud to show the community of your green initiatives.
Risk free no obligation consultation to find out exactly how you will benefit financially and environmentally by reducing your electrical power consumption.

Contact Us Now for a risk free assessment of you LED lighting conversion finance requirement. We welcome all inquiries and offer fast response time to all applications.