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Business line of credit Quest Commercial Capital Flexible money when you need it

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Business line of credit

Business line of credit provides flexibility that a regular business loan doesn’t. With a business line of credit you can borrow up to $300,000 and pay interest only on the money borrowed. You then draw and repay funds as you wish as long as you don’t exceed your credit limit.

Need to manage cash flow? Buy inventory? Pay for a surprise expense? Then a business line of credit makes sense.

Business lines of credit are also typically unsecured debt, which means you don’t have to provide collateral — assets, such as real estate, which the lender can sell if you default. The concept is similar to a business credit card, but getting a cash advance from a credit card is typically pricier.

Quest Commercial Capital offers financing with an easy application process, fast closing and lower interest rates than most banks.

They differ from traditional business loans, which give you a lump sum of cash that you repay over a fixed period. Business loans are a better option for longer-term investments.

1. Start ups
2. Debt Consolidation- especially for clients with high paying Merchant Cash Advances
3. Working Capital
4. Expansion Capital
5. Funding for Real Estate Investors

680 minimum FICO required.

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