Renewable Energy Loans

Renewable energy loans

Renewable energy loans Quest Commercial Capital requirements are very diversified as are the loan products for them. Projects in need of funding sources range from renewable energy start-ups to publicly traded companies looking to expand or for merger and acquisition procedures. Quest Commercial Capital has funding resources that cover the spectrum of the diverse energy industry.

For start-ups and renewable technology investment, loan amounts range from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 and will require equity participation from the borrower and reviewed on a case by case basis.

For non publicly traded operating energy companies, ( income producing ) loan amounts will go much higher and equity participation is an option. We also have mezzanine loans available to assist for IPO or expansion requirements.

For publicly traded companies we have US domestic and international funders who specialize in larger energy deals with a proven track record of debt and equity success across the global energy industry.

Below is some information on what you may need prior to a funding submission for your project.

– A Full Business Plan
– A Pro Forma ( P & L schedule going forward at least 3 years ), market strategy detailing any off-take agreement ( PPA or supply contract ) to support the pro forma. A construction schedule and full anticipated use of funds schedule.
– Proof any and all Permits required to operate that facility are either in place, or have been applied for, supported with a letter from that authority stating that they are in the application process.
– Qualified contractor has been selected, and has agreed, in writing, to construct your project. A resume of the contractor will be required.
– Insurance Policies, or a letter from a reputable Insurance Company that those policies can be obtained.

Quest Commercial now has new Solar System loan programs, offering 100% Financing

For solar farm projects we have a complete checklist available. Just click on the link.

complete checklist