business line of credit
business line of credit

Business Line of Credit

A Business line of credit  ( BLOC ) A line of credit may take several forms, such as overdraft protection, factoring accounts receivables, special purpose, term loan, purchase of commercial bills, or money for working capital. It is effectively a bank account that can readily be accessed at the your discretion. Interest is paid only on money actually withdrawn, A Line of credit can be secured by collateral or unsecured based on profit history and credit worthiness.

A business Line of credit may be provided by our investors, other financial institutions and can be quickly and easily approved with varying interest rates and credit limits depending on the size of your company, credit history and available collateral. (though certain special purpose business lines of credit may not have credit worthiness requirements) to address liquidity problems, working capital or debt consolidation. There are many options to establish a business line of credit, Contact us,we’ll be happy to talk to you about the options available.  


Quest Commercial Capital Business line of Credit can be approved within 7 days of an application

Quest Commercial Capital has business lines of credit starting at $250,000. Call us now to discuss your requirements.